Christopher Chapman

The founder of Going Postal Publishing. 

Chris is a 1997 graduate of Niagara High School in NIagara, Wisconsin, the location for the early portion of his book: Incarceration. While Niagara still remains a large inspiration for many of his stories, Chris has since moved to Houghton, Michigan, where he lives with his four children William, Alice, Elizabeth (Lizzie), and Raymond, as well as his girlfriend, Samantha.

Chris has spent several years working for the United States Postal Service, which served as inspiration for the title of this very publishing company.

Chris is currently hard at work on the podcasts associated with this site, as well as many future books about schools, vacations, crime, football, and the second Death Has Come book.

The publishing world is changing. In 2011, for the first time ever, ebooks outsold traditional paper books. While the traditional publishers try to stick to their old ways, pushing their traditional ways upon you with prices on ebooks that seem ridiculous, Going Postal Publishing vows to be different.

Even the name Going Postal Publishing tells you we are different. We symbolize being different from the rest of the publishing industry because, let’s face it, we’re just a little bit crazy...but in a good way.

While we will still encourage you to buy the traditional books, we will also offer every book we produce in ebook form at an affordable price. Don’t have time to read? We’ll also provide affordable audiobooks, as well as free podcasts.

Every book you buy through our store will have the option of purchasing autographed copies, increasing the value of your hard-earned dollar.

We believe in you getting the most value for your money and will always strive to improve our products and always offer you an option that you can afford.

For those of you looking for collector’s editions, we will offer those as well, but at a good price.

We know how hard you work for your money. That’s why Going Postal Publishing is here to make it worth your while.

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